I hope you know the Rules.


  • Build 1 NON-themeforce 10-points list with a
    maximum of 1 Unit and/or 1 Solo.
  • Warbeasts/-jacks gain FA:2
  • 18 minutes deathclock
  • All models can score both flags and the zone,
    Warcasters/-locks gain 2 points if they score. Units
    need to have one model b2b with a flag and the
    whole remaining unit within 4” of a flag.
  • The last player with a battlegroup in game and/or 5
    CP more than his opponent wins

2-Player Team Tournament

  • Both players build a 50 point list each,
    including 10 Points of Specialists.
  • No doubled factions.
  • Mercenary characters may not be doubled,
    that includes different incarnations of the
    same model, for example Eiryss.
  • There will be different scenarios of both
    tables. Captains lay down their pairing
    cards face down on the chosen tables and
    reveal them simultaneous.
  • The team that wins both games wins the
    round, in case of tie use Tiebreakers as
    specified in Steamroller.

3-Player Team Tournament

  • Like the WTC Rules only for 3 Players.


1 List Steamroller, 50 Points, no Themeforces, no Specialists, play with your handbrake pulled and choose one of those jerks as your commander:

Cygnar: Sturgis1, Darius1, Blaize1, Jakes2

Khador: Sorscha2, Malakov2

Menoth: Durant2, Kreoss2, Feora1, Reznik1

Cryx: Mortenebra1, Sturgis2

Scyrah: Vyros1, Kaelyssa

Mercs: Durgen1, Magnus1, Cyphon1

Trollbloods: Madrak3, Horgle2, Doomshaper1

Circle: Kaya1, Krueger1, Bradigus1

Legion: Vayl2, Rhyas1, Saeryn1

Skorne: Xerxis1, Naaresh1, Hexeris 1&2

Minions: Helga1, Midas1, Calaban1, Sturm&Drang1

Grymkin: Wanderer1, Child1

Crucible Guard: Locke

Coc: Syntherion, Iron Mother

Infernals: Screw you…

Warjacks/-beasts gain FA:2

You may only use 1 Battle engine or Structure as Huge Base Models.


Every player brings a single 50-point army list. Players do not choose a warcaster or warlock for their list, and instead use the Caster Draft Warcaster/Warlock with +30 Warjack/Warbeast points.

All Theme Forces are allowed. Caster Draft casters are allowed in all Theme Forces.

Mercenary casters can take any Rhulic and Cephalyx warjacks, and Renegade light warjacks regardless of normal restrictions. Minion warlocks can take Gatorman and Farrow warbeasts regardless of normal restrictions. Grymkin do not receive Arcana cards.


Before the tournament begins, players are divided into groups of four.
Every player is given two packs of ten cards, containing a variety of spells,
abilities, weapons, stat increases, and feats. These packs are unique and should be kept separate until drafting begins. Without looking at the cards, each player choose which pack they will draft with first, and which one they will draft with second.

When the EO announces that it is time to begin drafting, take one card from your pack, add it to your card pool, and pass the pack to the player on your left. Then take the pack from the player on your right, draft
one card from it into your cardpool, and pass the pack to the left. Continue this process until your card pool contains exactly six cards. The undrafted cards are placed in the middle of the table, and are not used.

After all players have six cards in their card pool, and the undrafted cards have been set aside, players repeat the process for the second pack they have. This means at the end of the entire draft, each player will have
a total of twelve cards to build their caster with, and there will be a total of thirty two undrafted cards.

  • Spells: Spell cards you draft become part of your warcaster or warlock’s spell list for the duration of the tournament.
  • Stat Increases: Stat increase cards you draft permanently increase your warcaster or warlock’s stats for the duration of the tournament. These cards are cumulative.
  • Weapons: Weapon cards you draft must be assigned to one of your warcaster or warlock’s available weapon slots, and replace the default weapon the caster comes with. A caster can never have more
    than two weapons. A caster can have two melee weapons, two ranged weapons, or a combination.
  • Abilities: Ability cards you draft become part of your warcaster or warlock’s stat card for the duration of the tournament.
  • Feats: Feat cards you draft must be assigned to your warcaster or warlock’s available feat slot, and replace the default feat the caster comes with. A caster can never have more than one feat.


As the name says: to play in this event requires an invitation. To get invited to the ConMasters on Sunday you need to collect points during the tournament. You score 2 points for playing a game in a tournament or at the Open Gaming Area (in the second case the lists have to be at least 50 points +Warjack/beast-points and if EO should feel you’re cheating to score points fast, you’re going to feel his eternal wrath). You can score 1 additional point for winning one of those games. You can score 1 additional point for reaching the final table of a tournament and 2 additional points for winning the tournament. The winner of an 8-Player, 3 round-tournament for example would score 12 points. 3 played games, 3 wins, reached final table and won. His opponent in the last game would score 9 points. 3 played games, 2 wins, reached final table. After the last tournament on Saturday ended, we will announce the 8 highest scores and
invite the players to the ConMasters on Sunday morning. The invitational will be a Knock out tournament, we only care for the guy who wins, so we don’t need tie breakers. You loose; you drop. But there should be more than enough alternatives for you to keep on playing. Additional information: beneath medals for winning tournaments and trophies for winning invitational there won’t be prices for “only” winning something. But there will be lots of stuff you can buy with the tournament points
you scored as specified above. Of course, using points to buy stuff won’t reduce your total score for the invitational.


We use the current rules of:

Star Wars: Legion

We use the current rules of: